Forget The Spice Girls, meet The Shortbread Wumen!

IMG_5630[1]Karen, Norma and Rachel and of course Indy Panda at the Women for Independence event in Perth on the 4th of October!




After preparations including the baking of shortbread and sandwich-making at dawn we were on our way to Perth! After two weeks of reflecting, and yes, grieving, we were ready for what we hoped would be an inspiring day with 1000 women beginning to take the next steps of our journey…..









And what a day it was- powerful keynote speeches by Carolyn Leckie, Elaine C Smith and Jeanne Freeman and some interesting thoughts on economics by Margaret Cuthbert! It was wonderful to listen to the thoughts of women from aged 16 to 83!

Elaine C SmithElaine on Mic









Here are the two Elaine’s we loved listening to- Elaine C Smith and Elaine Gunn who shared her Journey to Yes back in July!

It helped us to think about what we might want to do in the coming weeks and months, both with A Woman’s View page and individually in our own local communities. The meeting reminded us that we have time to think, to plan and to get involved as the picture develops  but perhaps at a less frantic pace than they did in the last few weeks of the referendum campaign!

The biggest thing we got from the day was the inspiration to keep going! We are women with as valid a place and opinions as the 48% of men in Scotland and that we are part of a strong movement of women demanding to be heard!

Right now we are carrying on with our daily Panda post as Tian Tian appears to be enjoyed by a wide ranging audience.

In terms of our page we would love to hear what you would like to see on it!

We are thinking that it is a good place to share content about women’s issues- but really about any issues for Scotland and to talk about them from A Woman’s View?

All thoughts and ideas are very welcome!


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